Fighting For A
Smoke-free Workplace

Let's be clear about the issue. This is not about “individual rights” or “free enterprise,” it is about protecting people from the health threats caused from secondhand smoke exposure. Entertainment venues are workplaces for hundreds of entertainers, DJs, bartenders and wait staff and they should be protected.

The public and entertainment industry need to be educated about the facts and the benefits of smoke-free air. This is a hard problem to tackle, so it is important to have everyone that may be effected need to get involved.

Office buildings, hospitals, and other indoor public facilities are smoke-free. But most nightclubs, bars, entertainment venues and some restaurants have no smoke-free policies to protect the public from cancer-causing tobacco smoke. Thousands of people earn their living in these establishments and deserve a healthy smoke-free workplace.

This is not a rant against smokers, but a common sense issue related to public health. “Old thinking” is hard to change, even when it goes against good common sense. Some business owners and politicians may feel personally attacked over this issue. It took 15 years to eliminate smoking from airlines. Can you imagine people smoking on airplanes now? The good news is people can and do change their “old way of thinking” when logic persists. The reality is smoke-free works for everyone—except the tobacco industry.

Smoke-free Entertainment Guide