What You Can Do

If you are sick of being forced to work in smoky environments or you'd just like to enjoy live music and entertainment without having to endure the noxious fumes and carcinogens of cigarette smoke lingering all over you, your food, and your children, then take the time to act on these few steps that are designed to educate business owners.

1. If the establishment has a comment card, fill it out and say you'd frequent the business more often if they had a no-smoking policy. And, consider saying you simply won't return at all because they allow smoking.

2. Take the initiative and tell the manager you'd prefer to come back when it is not so smoky or that you just won't return because you don't want the smoky environment.

3. Take a moment to register on this site. When no one speaks up, everyone assumes there is no problem. Let people know that there IS a problem. Speak up!

4. Talk with your friends and family about establishments that you boycott because of the smoky (and unhealthy!) atmosphere. Let them know these businesses seem to care more about their own financial well-being than their patrons' health. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Make sure you use it.

5. If you own or operate a business, PLEASE consider the harm you are doing to your employees by allowing them to be exposed to secondhand smoke. In some cases entertainers, bartenders, and wait staff have gotten lung cancer (and sometimes died) as a result of their smoky work environment. Demonstrate to your employees that you care about safeguarding their health and wellbeing.

6. (And one tip for the savvy business owner!) If you are a "with-it" kind of business owner who supports non-smoking, then let your patrons know why! Tell them that you care. Customers appreciate people who appreciate them, and have their happiness, comfort, and best interest in mind. That’s good business!

Smoke-free Entertainment Guide