René Hicks

René Hicks, a nationally known comedian, loves making people laugh. Performing on stage and interacting with the audience gets her hyped. It’s how she earns a living. In 2001 her career almost ended. René was diagnosed with lung cancer. The doctor said her lungs had the characteristics of a long-time smoker. René never smoked a day in her life.

She performs in comedy clubs and other venues that allow smoking. Research shows employees of bars, night clubs and restaurants that allow smoking have nearly four times the rate of lung cancer and twice the rate of heart disease as compared to any other profession. Cigarette smoke poisons the air with 43 cancer causing chemicals that pose dangerous health risks for workers.

Secondhand smoke kills 53,000 Americans every year. René is now on a crusade to let others know the danger of secondhand smoke. Her story is real, and she believes everyone has the right to breathe smoke free air.

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